I have been featured!


I have some news to share with you. Lots actually! I was recently featured by two different wedding planners. (If you click on the photos, they will take you to the posts)
On October 9th, Mary of 'Very Merry Wedding & Design Planning' did a feature on me. She put together some of her favourite creations by me in a nice collage and wrote some nice stuff about my work - which always makes me happy :).

Mary is a new talent in the wedding industry, based in northern California and got interested in wedding planning as a career, while planning her own wedding. Her background in visual merchandising, I am sure helps her in her current profession. Thank you very much Mary, for featuring me.

After that, I was featured on Sugar Blossom Wedding's blog. Sugar Blossom Weddings is a Luxury Wedding Planning and Coordinating company based in UK. I wanted to write a bit about them - and I will in future. But right now, here's what one of their client says about them and its worth reading:

“When I forgot to provide the caterer with our napkins, I carried on getting into my dress and you sorted it out.
When I realised that I'd made a mistake with the seating plan you fixed it.
When the photographer needed assistance, you stepped in.
When the DJ arrived and we were still eating, you met him.
When it started to rain you even appeared with a smart umbrella!
These are just the things that instantly spring to mind and I know that there were so many other things that you did entirely behind the scenes.”

I don't think there can be a better testimonial for a wedding planning company! And I am really honored to be featured by them. Another thing that makes me very proud about Sugar Blossom Weddings is that they are all for Eco-Chic Weddings. And my product falls in line with what they believe in.

I really wanted to share these features with you. Do read them up. As for me, I shall go and take some well-deserved rest :).


Jennie said...

Yowza, Deb! And to think I knew you before you were so famous! Congratulations on the well-deserved features and praise :)

Blossoms said...

Thank you! (Blush blush)

Linda said...

You have found your niche Deb. To be featured like this is a dream for most Etsians and it has happened for you. Many hugs.