Cake Topper Photos! Yay!


I am so happy! And I have reason to be.... These are the first professional photos of my flowers and they are my photos from a real wedding too! Really, how alive the flowers look. A big thanks to Todd Kuhns of Studio12 who made this possible. I just had to send an email to him and he sent me the photos rightaway - all those that I wanted. How wonderful these will look in my portfolio!

If I sound excited, it is because I now know how my flowers look in the environment of a wedding. Pity, I couldn't be there myself ... Some day.... some day.... ha ha!
I wish you will visit Studio12's website. It has some awesome photography by Todd and his wife Amy. I am sure, if you live in the Dayton Ohio area, you'll want to give this husband and wife team a try. What I found great about his photographs was that, the photos captured the natural flow of weddings. Emotions were the main focus and I am sure, the wedded couples and their guests will treasure the photographs.


sosorosey said...

How amazing to have those photos, Deb! Your flowers look incredible, and the bride and groom are so happy :) Congratulations on the pay off for so much hard work!

Linda said...

Exquisite flowers.

Sarah Jane said...

Wow! Gorgeous shots!! The cake-topper idea is a great one. :D

E said...

How wonderful deb, to have your wonderful creations be a part of this couples joyful memories. Great photo's!