New Flower Arrangements

I am back with two simple floral arrangements. The first one here is 3 gerbera daisies put together casually in a bottle-vase. I started buying these vases more than 2 years ago, but I realized I hadn't been using them at all. I was making formal arrangements mostly, but I personally love just a few flowers thrown together. So, I thought I'd put the vases to use :). Here's an example. Let me know how I've done :).

The Gerberas are beautiful, grand flowers by themselves. These ones have anywhere between 45-60 petals individually worked on. And then you have the center and even the smaller petals :). It is a lot of work, but the end result is quite satisfying I am sure you'd agree.

This second arrangement with Peonies, Roses and Stephanotis. I made one of these for my cousin's family in California and they loved it :). So, I made one more and listed it on ETSY.

These are the flowers that I get the most requested for. Everyone seems to love peonies and roses! This is the new style of peony that I learnt from my friend and teacher Betty, as a part of the CIII course. Doesn't it look really fragile and pretty? And the roses, well.... Roses and Me, Me and Roses! I just love them myself and had taken upon myself to perfect it. Can't compete with nature, and I don't want to brag, but I am really happy with the roses I make now....

Alrighty, I have some very challenging projects to work on right now. Back to those now :). Shall post more photos as I progress.

This is a brother that I have always looked up to. So when he said that he liked my flowers and wanted some, I just HAD to make some.