Real Wedding Photos - Cake Topper

Mariette commissioned me to do her cake topper. I still remember myself sipping on a Java Chip Frappuccino at the Starbucks near Walmart, in Honolulu, when my Blackberry beeped with her message :). She wanted purplish roses, Sahara roses, lilacs and other flowers that she already had in her bouquet - for her cake topper.
In the course of time Mariette told me that she was having her wedding at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan. The description she gave me of the place, made me want to go there rightaway. It seems like a dream place to get married at.
Mariette sent me these photos, without me having to even request for them. I am so happy to be sharing these with you. The cake was designed by Mariette's daughter. Didn't she do a wonderful job of it?
Another cool thing that I just got to know was.... Grand Hotel was rated as one of the 40 best places to stay in, by the Sky Magazine published by Delta Airlines. So, is the gorgeous Prestonfield in Edinburgh, Scotland where Nella got married. :).

Blogging from the Sky :)

Hello! I am on my way to Phoenix for a few weeks. Am carrying all the stuff I need to make my flowers with me :). I hate flying and I figured the internet would keep my mind off it :). So, here I am....
Oh! Turbulence again! :(. We are flying over Florida now, and then, once I reach Atlanta, there's a layover of 3 hours! Anyone has any interesting ideas to kill 3 hours at the ATL airport? Let me know :).
A little bit of an eye-candy for you bothering to read my incoherent nonsense today :).

This a centerpiece I made for my friend Eve for her wedding in late June. It has roses and peonies (I love those flowers!) and is about 16 inches in diameter. I didn't get time to write a post on Eve's wedding, but, I shall do that soon. Till then, stay in touch and let me know how you like this photo.