Photos from Real Weddings

Everytime I work with a bride, I find that they all have unique personalities and unique styles. Some are more easygoing and some are more reserved, some know exactly what they want and some look to me for ideas. Only one thing remains constant - the fun I have, working with them on their wedding flowers :).Kerry was only the second bride that I worked with :). She wanted a white and blue bouquet, which would be tropical, but not overly so. We agreed on a gardenia and stephanotis bouquet, with a blue ribbon. And guess which part was the most difficult? Finding the ribbon :). I also did her hair flower and the groom's bout. I had written a post on Kerry's bouquet earlier, here. But a couple of days back, she sent me pictures from her wedding. I was overjoyed! :) I hadn't seen a picture of hers before this, but tell me... isn't this one of the cutest couples you've ever seen? It might sound cliched, but they look like they are made for each other.

Speaking of 'Made for Each Other', here are some more photos that I wish to share with you. These photos are from Akiyo. This couple too, looks so much in love... I love the smiles on their faces.... I did the 'White and Green Elegance' themed bouquet for her. Also, I did the groom's bout and a couple of other bouts and corsages.
Courtesy: Carnival Weddings
Now, Akiyo - like many of my clients - is a fellow Etsian (Or is it Etsy-an?). I feel lucky to be working with such creative ladies! Akiyo's shop is called MyDearDarling. I guarantee that you'll fall in love with the little penguins that she makes (I've already bought one for my niece and am waiting for her to start her customized ones again, so I'll order more)! They are super cute!! She also has a blog and a website, both of which are well-maintained and full of fun stuff. I really mean it.... You just HAVE to check her creations!
Courtesy: Carnival Weddings
That is all for today.... I hope to be back soon with more photos, from more projects, before I leave for my vacation.

Some time off :)

I am a person who 'needs' to travel... even if it is from one end of San Juan to the other :). But this time, we did something more exciting. We went to Vermont to see fall colors. And now, we are thinking of buying property there.... LOL! If only we had the money :).
Here are some pictures from our trip:
This is way before we hit the peak fall color areas.... this is in MA.

The covered bridges reminded me of 'Brides of Madison County' :). Near Big Falls, VT

We just kept clicking.... It was as if we wanted to take home every single leaf with us :). They are all a little different from each other :).

I had only seen these pictures in books and magazines .... in real life, with the icy wind blowing ... it is all the more beautiful. This is near Island Pond, VT

Another picture postcard scenery. And just by this brook, there is a house.... Wish it was ours! :) Again, this is near Island Pond, VT

One of the many lakes on our way from NH to VT. In the light of the setting sun, the reflection of the trees in the lake looked magical. I wish we could stop and take more pictures of this scenery... this particular one was taken when we were driving at 65miles per hour.... but still, we think, we did pretty well.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures....

I will be away on vacation from the end of November until the beginning of 2010. Time to go to India and see my baby niece for the first time, who's coming from Melbourne, Australia. Here's how she looks now.... so cute and I can't help saying, so pretty! :)
People from her Daycare say that she is very chatty with her friends :). She 'talks' all the time :). I really can't wait to cuddle her.

By the way, the red dress she is wearing in this pic, was sewn by me :).

Lots have been happening on the work front too, please stay tuned for some real wedding photographs tomorrow. And yes, if you still haven't had a chance to take a look at my website, please do so now (there are still hitches, but I am working on those):

The look's changed :)

I have been working on a new business identity for quite some time now... and though I like my pinks and reds :), I decided to go in for a simpler look. So here's my new logo, inspired by the photos of the bouquet that my friend Amanda took for me for the magazine photo shoot. I like the simplicity of it, and the vibrancy.

My website is also up now. It has a much better collection of photos, thanks to all the brides and the photographers for sharing them with me. You'll soon see the look being replicated on my blog and other places.... I also have to work on a couple more pages on my website, that show up as 'under construction' right now.

Please take a look at my new website and send me your feedback. I am not an expert on websites, so there are still hitches. There are some that I know, and I am working on. But there might be others, that have missed my eyes. Please know that I am counting on you!
Thank you all for your support..... I couldn't have come this far, without your help.