The look's changed :)

I have been working on a new business identity for quite some time now... and though I like my pinks and reds :), I decided to go in for a simpler look. So here's my new logo, inspired by the photos of the bouquet that my friend Amanda took for me for the magazine photo shoot. I like the simplicity of it, and the vibrancy.

My website is also up now. It has a much better collection of photos, thanks to all the brides and the photographers for sharing them with me. You'll soon see the look being replicated on my blog and other places.... I also have to work on a couple more pages on my website, that show up as 'under construction' right now.

Please take a look at my new website and send me your feedback. I am not an expert on websites, so there are still hitches. There are some that I know, and I am working on. But there might be others, that have missed my eyes. Please know that I am counting on you!
Thank you all for your support..... I couldn't have come this far, without your help.


HasminC said...

Hi Debashri!
Congrats on the new site and design. It's looking really good. I too like the simple and clean look, it showcases the flowers much more. :-)

Tracey said...

Your new site design and logo are very nice - good job!

The Clay said...


The music and photos are great. I felt like I was on the trip with you to VT. Glad to see your blog again. Wish I was visiting India also. There seems to be magic where ever you are. Love to you and Sarang. Happy flower making. Betty