Bridal Bouquet - Pretty as a Peacock


Okay, I grant you, that the name is as unimaginative as it can get. But, I never claimed to be a naming expert.... LOL! :) So, I can be forgiven for the name..... But here's my new bridal bouquet. The bride wanted ivory roses and stephanotis to go with a peacock theme. Here's what I came up with.

There are bursts of peacock feathers in between the flowers. Also, the bouquet is lined with peacock-eye feathers on the outside. The stephanotis flowers have teal and brown crystals to match the colors of the feathers. The finishing touch is the green/blue ribbon with brown sheer ribbon criss-crossing it, and ivory pearl pins go down the length of the handle.

Let me know how you like this bouquet. Also, please send me some imaginative names for this bouquet :).

My pink peony and rose bouquet again :)

Yes, I really can't get enough of it :). I just love this one. So, after I wrapped the handle, I took some more pictures of it, just before shipping it out. The earlier pictures were in evening light and had a lot of flash-effect. These ones show the true colors :).

So, let me know how you like these new set of photos :).

I have been featured - "My Handmade Registry"

A few minutes back I received an email from . The name explains itself :). A bride can get beautiful handmade and often custom-made registry items for her big day from this website.As for the email, it said that one of my ETSY listings - the custom made bridal bouquet - has been featured in the 'Flowers' section under their "my $5K HANDMADE WEDDING GROUP". So, do take a look. I have tried working with the image, but it always turned out too small. So, I tweaked my bouquet image to look larger at least :). I hope it works :).
That is all I have time for, right now. I really have to rush.... Will be back soon.

Wedding Photos of my Valentine Bride

Here are some photos from my Valentine Bride - Anitra's wedding. The photographer Tim Wong of Timecut Photography did a fabulous job. The colors of Anitra's bouquet are difficult to capture - especially in bright sunshine. But they came out so well. This kind of photo in black and white with only the bouquet's colors showing, is really IN. And I think I know why! :) They are so striking. The wedding bouquet is such a special part of any wedding and it definitely deserves a special photograph. It is always a pleasure to share wedding photos with my readers. The flowers - by themselves are beautiful. But in the wedding setting, they look much more lovely and so real :). Even though I make the flowers myself, I sometimes have difficulty believing it ... LOL!
It is interesting how more and more brides are exploring alternatives for the traditional fresh-flower bouquets and other wedding flowers. The clay flowers are about as close as you can get to the real thing! Silk flowers are nice too, but clay flowers can be customized to meet the bride's theme and they are unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind works of art. And I truly love making them - each and every one of them :).
Here's wishing Anitra and David lifelong marital bliss.....