Sage colored hair flowers

Cindy saw my clay flowers at the Arizona Bridal Fashion Debut in January 2011 and loved them. But she lost my business card. :) She came back to the June 2011 show, just to see if I had a booth there again :). Well, I did and she said she wanted a couple of my clay hibiscus flowers as her wedding flowers.
Recently, she got in touch with me and asked if I could make some hibiscus as a rose for herself in sage green. Well that's the advantage of working with this clay :). I can come up with almost any color.
So here's how the flowers turned out and Cindy was so happy when I delivered these to her yesterday. Made my day! :)

Valentine's Day Arrangement

I am a little late in posting this on my blog. Sorry about that....I had a last minute order from a loving husband who wanted to get my clay flowers for his wife. He purchased one of the ready-to-ship arrangements in my Etsy shop. But his wife said she wanted different colors and asked me if I could turn it around in the tight time-window that we had. Fortunately, I was able to :). And here's how it turned out.
I have been practicing Dahlias for sometime now and am really happy how they've turned out. I love the shades of peachy-pink, greens and off-white.

Champagne Hued Flower :)

I have always liked this shade but before this, I wasn't able to create this color to my satisfaction. The flower is similar to what I made yesterday, but the color and the jewel style is different.
I have a feeling that I am going to make more champagne colored flowers :). Loooove the shade! And what's more ... It is always an in-style color.

Jeweled Flower with feathers attached

This flower is the same one that I posted yesterday. Only, this has feathers attached.
This can be attached to any kind of clip or comb :).

New Flower

I am trying blogging using my iPhone. Here's my first post, with a photo of a flower I just created. It'll be available on Etsy soon.
This is about 4 inches across.