Been a long time....

Once again, I have been guilty of not writing much on the blog. But I have been working :). And thinking.... we (my husband and I) might be ready to take a few big decisions now. I shall keep you updated.
What I have been doing lately? Lots! In addition to working on flowers, I have been reading a LOT, watching movies a LOT and listening to music a LOT. Those are my three passions and I can't do without them. If you want any recommendations, feel free to write in :). By the way, those of you who haven't seen the movie "Invictus" - GO WATCH IT! It is wonderful.... very moving and very inspiring.
Okay, back to flowers.... Taking a break from wedding orders, I made some pieces for a friend. Here are some photos. (I shall post more soon)

Meanwhile, I just wanted to let you know.... there are a few causes that I have been supporting for sometime now. They are very close to me. You will find links to them, to the left of this write-up. Please check out the organizations. They are doing some great work!

The first of the organizations is "Women for Women". I am an avid reader and I particularly like autobiographies. One of the most stunning lives I read about was that of Zainab Salbi. She stayed with me through the years as a guiding spirit.... and I promised myself that when I start earning, I shall associate myself with the organization she started. I can tell you lots about her and Women for Women Internation, but it would be even better if you can read her books and/or look up . This organization supports women survivors of war.

Smile Train is an organization I came to know about, when "Smile Pinki" was nominated (and eventually went on to win) for the Oscars in the best documentary category. Smile Train focuses solely on the problem of cleft lips and palate. It is a huge problem in developing countries, where the poor can't afford the simple 45 minute surgery, costing just $250. is the website that gives you more information about this. is the third and the newest organization that I have committed myself to. Some days back, I came across an interview of Matt Damon - who happens to be one of my favourite actors. He was speaking about this non-profit that he started with a gentleman named Gary White. The organization works to facilitate safe and accessible drinking water to people in developing countries. I grew up in India, where safe and accessible drinking water is still a HUGE problem. I still remember the summers when we as kids used to haul up gallons and gallons of drinking water, delivered by govt. tankers, up the staircase of our apartment building. And this was in a city! Imagine what people in villages go through. Sometimes, they have to travel miles and miles for drinking water. And even then, it might not be potable. This is what is working on and I don't have words to express how much I appreciate their work. I hope you will check out the link and involve yourself in whatever way possible.
There are so many people out there who are less fortunate than we are. Let us put forward a helping hand, so the world might become a better place....