Pretty White Peonies with a splash of color


This is a a stock creation turned custom creation, for one of my clients. She wanted to purchase one of the items listed on my etsy site and even made the payment, when I gave her the option of making the creation all hers, by telling me what color (and flower) changes she might like. And we decided to go with white peonies with a splash of a bluish purple flowers and light green eucalyptus leaves. I also added some pearl studded stephanotis for effect.

The thing about custom creations is that, it offers you the challenge of understanding and creating what is on someone else's mind. And every creation is unique! Though its easier to ship a ready-made creation, it is far more satisfying to make out time and do something you haven't attempted before, in terms of colors or combination of flowers.

This order came at a time when I was swamped with wedding orders. But I decided to take the 'custom-made' route for the above mentioned reasons. And, experiencing a client's delight with a one-of-a-kind arrangement is truly gratifying and that is what keeps us crafters going!

Cake Topper


This is a cake topper I made for a wedding planner, whose clay artist had backed out at the last moment. I was having a great time in Vegas when this SOS came along :) and I started work on it as soon as I landed home. Meanwhile, my client's city had lost all power, thanks to Ike! Somehow we managed to get this one reach there on time.

This one's the first cake topper I have ever made. So, it would be great if you guys reading my blog could let me know how I have done :). The creation has pink roses, lavender orchids with burgundy centers, lots of brown leaves and light green berries as fillers.

Back after a long hiatus!

Hi.... I am back after over a month. As most of you know, my parents were visiting us from India. So, I really got busy with them. We travelled to lots of places and had great fun!

Even while mom and dad were visiting, I was working on a wedding order.... it was actually a lot of fun. Everyone pitched in, to help.... mom took care of home, dad and Sarang did odd jobs like wrapping stems and cutting wires and packing finished stuff... it was really really awesome! Here are some photos that I would like to share with you. More photos are now available on my Flickr site.

I have been swamped with a sudden rush of orders... both wedding and regular. So, it has been a lot of fun. It is especially encouraging because mine is a new business - just a few months old and I hardly promote myself. Also, this is still a new country for me. I don't know too many people, who can promote my work :). So, with zero promotion, I must say, I am pretty encouraged by the response. So, thank you everyone who's believed in me and my creative energies enough to entrust me with creations for the most special day of your life! Its truly humbling! Thank You.