Blogging from the Sky :)

Hello! I am on my way to Phoenix for a few weeks. Am carrying all the stuff I need to make my flowers with me :). I hate flying and I figured the internet would keep my mind off it :). So, here I am....
Oh! Turbulence again! :(. We are flying over Florida now, and then, once I reach Atlanta, there's a layover of 3 hours! Anyone has any interesting ideas to kill 3 hours at the ATL airport? Let me know :).
A little bit of an eye-candy for you bothering to read my incoherent nonsense today :).

This a centerpiece I made for my friend Eve for her wedding in late June. It has roses and peonies (I love those flowers!) and is about 16 inches in diameter. I didn't get time to write a post on Eve's wedding, but, I shall do that soon. Till then, stay in touch and let me know how you like this photo.


JuliaA said...

hope you have a good trip to phoenix!

Whimsical Creations said...

Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your trip!