Red Bouquets

Red seems the color of the season :). I have already made two all-red bouquets and the third one is on the verge of completion.
The first one is a very traditional, simple all-red, all-rose bouquet, finished off with dark green leaves at the bottom. I love the simplicity and elegance of it. I know red roses are cliched, but I LOVE red roses. And I hadn't ever made a red rose bouquet and I was dying to! And now, I am making another one :). But that one's going to be very different, although the flowers are exactly the same. Can't wait to finish it!

Then, there is this all-red anemone bouquet. I never knew this would turn out so pretty! :). I wish I knew how to take better pictures, because these bouquets definitely deserved better pictures. I hope the brides send me some photos from their wedding so I can share them with you. This bouquet traveled all the way to Ireland and made it there in good shape. Not that I had any doubt it would... LOL, but sometimes even I am surprised by how strong these delicate-looking flowers are. This anemone bouquet was mailed with a matching bout.
Donna contacted me to make a bouquet for her, with about 45 days to go for her wedding. Not that I had time on my hands, but I love taking up last moment challenges :). The initial idea was to go for a wildflower bouquet. I had almost completed the bouquet when she saw an anemone bouquet and couldn't get it off her mind. She asked me if I could make that for her instead. It was very difficult to say yes, especially because I had almost made all the flowers for the wildflower bouquet. But, truth be told, even I was smitten by the anemone bouquet :) and HAD to do it. And then, I figured, I can always use the wild flowers for an arrangement or something :). That is how this bouquet was born :). Oh! And I figured out this cool way of making the petals! So, this bouquet was rewarding in a lot of different ways.


Cherrie said...

Your red anemones are very beutiful.I like the white detail on the center...another original.

JuliaA said...

gorgeous, as your bouquets always are. you do amazing work!

and hugs about your dad and the RFE. the stress of that sort of stuff can drive you mad...i've been dealing with some gvt paperwork headaches this summer, and it's just so incredibly draining. big hugs.

(i know you don't post personal stuff on yr blog, but you can just delete this in moderation if you want. i just wanted you to know that i'm thinking of you, and hoping taht things work out.)

Blossoms said...

Hi Cherrie - Thanks so much! :) Good to be back in touch with you again. Am so glad for my DECO friends :).

Hi Julia - Thanks for writing in. Its such a stressful time in our lives right now! But these flowers make me happy. :) They take my mind off the bad things. I am hoping everything will get resolved positively. Thanks so much for your support!