Dagney and Michael's Wedding

I am sorry for the long absence. A lot had been going on in our lives...... that's taken care of now (hopefully) and I am ready to start posting again.This is one wedding that I have been thinking of writing about for quite sometime now. It fascinated me! I haven't contributed much to Dagney and Michael's wedding, just the hair piece (My Gardenia and stephanotis hair comb). But the theme, the coordination, the photography and the person.... Dagney, are the real reason behind this post.Dagney contacted me when we were going through a very bad phase. Sarang's project was hanging in balance. We didn't know whether we were moving to Puerto Rico/Arizona, or staying in Hawaii. Also, it was an exciting time.... my niece was born. Either way, it was a confusing, chaotic phase for us and I missed out on the email Dagney sent to me via my website. However, she found me again through ETSY and ordered the comb off my store. By the time I got her order, we knew we were moving. She was very understanding about it and shared her own story of moving away from HI. Dagney is one of the nicest people that I ever worked with!Dagney Pitts and Michael Stone got married in this AMAZING ceremony, in which everything symbolized the background that they came from. The wedding was in Trumbull, CT and the reception was in a hangar in Oxford, CT. There is a lot more written, much more beautifully in the photographers' blog here. Do check Robert and Kathleen's beautiful work here. Not that they need any endorsement from me! :) This particular wedding that they shot has been featured in Style Me Pretty.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Now that I am BACK :), you can expect to see a lot many pictures soon..... keep reading :).

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CelticKnot said...

Deb, I'm so glad you're back and things are starting to work out for you. You're a special person and deserve happiness and peace. Dagney and Michael's wedding looks wonderful and your hairpiece is so beautiful. *HUGS!*