A special Gardenia Comb


I have always wanted to make a gardenia comb with both pearls and crystals :). Finally, I did! Usually, I list this comb as a customized item. But this one is special and is available on my ETSY store as of now.
I have been guilty of not listing any new items on ETSY for the longest time :), but hopefully - beginning with this comb, I shall start again.This comb is 5 inches in length, is studded with pearls and Swarovski rhinestones and has 3 gardenias in full bloom (the other ones have one half-open and two full-bloom gardenias) and lots more stephanotises than the regular comb. It also has these cute rhinestone branches giving it more movement and character. In short, I absolutely love it!
Let me know what you think about this comb..... I would love to hear from you, as always....


Anonymous said...

Debashri! Glad you're back making clay flowers! :-) The comb looks beautiful...((hugs))

Som's Studio said...

This comb is stunning as always, Deb!