Real Wedding Pictures - Ivory Roses with Peacock Feathers Bouquet

Hi Readers! I am sure a lot of you remember the bouquet with ivory roses and peacock feathers, that I made a couple of months back. It has become my most popular searched item and has made my blog readership go up by at least 20%.
Sondra, the lovely bride for whom I designed and created the bouquet sent me some very pretty pics from her wedding. So I wanted to share them with you.
I don't remember if I mentioned this, but Sondra came to me about 3 weeks before her wedding. But I loved her idea of a peacock themed bouquet so much that I just HAD to create this for her! Sometimes the urge to create something unusual and special just gets the better of me :). Also, I love working under pressure. I thought and thought about how I could design a bouquet with peacock feathers that would look elegant, rather than something overly flashy. I then studied the peacock feather closely and that gave me ideas. I used teal and golden brown Swarovski crystals to mimic the main colors of a peacock feather, so that the ivory didn't look like it didn't belong with the feathers. I also worked on the wrap and was able to find ribbons that I totally loved (Thanks Creations by You!). The most time-taking part was not making the flowers, but working with the peacock feathers. It can get very tricky, since they are very silky and slip easily.Sondra's wedding took place on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The background added to the bouquet's beauty, I'd say. See how well the turquoise water compliments the colors in the bouquet! The size of the bouquet, as you can see, is petite. But that doesn't take away from its elegance.... rather, it adds to it. Don't you agree? I just love love love this bouquet and would love to hear your thoughts about it too.... and the pictures :).

One more thing that made Sondra very special to me were the words she wrote to me. They were so touching! That's what I work for.... words like that make me feel so honored to be part of such a special day in a couple's life.


Lindsay said...

I absolutely love this bouquet!! I am going with the colors of a peacock feather as my theme and my bridesmaids dresses are teal, sapphire, and a dark chartreuse. I googled peacock feather bridal bouquets and this is what popped up! Maybe you can name it something like "peacocks and petals"??

Blossoms said...

Hi Lindsay,
Thanks for writing in. I am so glad you like the bouquet I created. Do share with me a picture of your bouquet once you decide on it. I would love to see it!
"Peacocks and Petals" sounds a cool name. :) Thank you!

DaisyDarling said...

I'm Sondra's brother in-law's girlfriend and I can testify that that bouquet was GORGEOUS! It went so well with the dress, the lake, and Sondra as well. It was so perfect for her.
I just could not believe that it wasn't real. So beautiful, your flowers truly are a work of art. :)

Westside Wedding said...

Hi, I found your site through a post on that bouquet is so beautiful!! You do amazing work!