All-White Bouquet


This is an order I received via ETSY. My client wanted a bridal bouquet for her tropical themed wedding. Her theme colors are white and almost Tiffany Blue (with a little less green than Tiffany Blue). We decided on an all-white bouquet with blue ribbon. The flowers are Gardenias and Stephanotis. Gardenia in a bunch look so wonderful together! I had no idea it would look so fluffy and fun too, despite being elegant. Here's the 'sneak preview'of the bouquet, actually not even that. I just wanted to share this bunch of gardenia and stephanotis with you! But there's lots more to do :) - add more flowers(these are probably just half of the flowers), plug gaps, put them all together into a bouquet, add leaves and then finish it off with a pretty blue ribbon. I am so excited to be doing this. I hope my bride likes this one! If not, well, I can always make changes for her :). And, as always, let me know how you like it.


sosorosey said...

Mmmm, I can almost smell those beautiful gardenias right now! How in the world do you do that? It must be true that you have magic in your fingers...I can't wait to see it when you've added the other elements, too :)

Sarah Jane said...

Ooooh, gorgeous!!! When I get married, I'll have to get a gorgeous bouquet like that for myself. :)

lynnlewis764 said...

Deb, amazing. Nella is one very lucky lady to have found you.
We are all lucky you found us on the hug. It's nice to have you for a friend.

Blossoms said...

Than you Jennie, Sarah and Lynn :). Its nice being friends with you .... you all are so encouraging!