My multi-talented ETSY friend


Eve of vintagetrading is a proud Aquarian. Her aquarian traits show up in her etsy stores. Her items are whimsical, classy and unique. Eve found me through ETSY and we realized that both of us live in Honolulu and we are both Aquarians! :) What makes Eve more special for me is that she is the only ETSY member I have met ever since I joined this wonderful site. And by sheer coincidence, we are soon to become neighbours when we move into her apartment building later this month :).

Talking further about Eve's talents, she is an immensely gifted photographer too and loves 'working away on photoshop'. Cacahuete is the name of her ETSY photography shop (I still have to ask her what 'cacahuete' means). But now she has decided to focus on vintage stuff and sadly is closing her photo shop :(. Eve was raised in Hawaii and her photography has a lot of Hawaiian influence. Do take a look. Maybe you'll find something that you'll like.

Her vintage shop is very interesting. She has dresses, purses, brooches, jewelry amongst other things. One of my favourites is the jade bamboo brooch pictured here.

Everyday on ETSY is a new experience and I am so glad to have found this awesome website which not only sends business my way, but also people who help my business and most importantly -Friends!


sosorosey said...

How amazing that you two have met and become friends through Etsy! And soon to be neighbors, too? You are very fortunate in many ways. Thank you, Deb, for sharing your friend with others :)
{{{hugs}}} sosorosey

Blossoms said...

Thank you so much Rosey for taking the time to visit my blog :).

Sarah Jane said...

Very cool broach! :)

I'm so happy that you are going to be living near each other! That is so cool. :D I often wish that the wonderful people I've met on Etsy were close enough that I could see them in real life. :)

Vivace Crafts said...

Wow, she has some amazing skills! Thank you for sharing her crafting!

Hugs! -VC

E said...

Thank you so much Deb for sharing my site with others. Etsy is really full of wonderful people who are genuinely helpful. I am so excited that you'll be moving into my building! You are also very talented and am very thankful for your talent. By the way, cacahuete means "peanut" in French. My fiance calls me that, and it kinda stuck.

Your new buddy,

Schar Freeman said...

What a wonderful story of you and e meeting up. She is a very talented wahine with an amazing eye! I love her photographs.

Maybe one day both you Aquarian talented wahine come Kauai fo' visit! Natal chart has five planets in Aquarius :)
malama pono,