I've been tagged!

This Tagging is a fun thing that's doing the rounds in blogland :). I was having fun reading all the other 'tagged' write-ups, but Linda's tagging me came as a surprise. But writing weird things about me, shouldn't be tough at all. This is what a 'tagged' person is supposed to do (copied and pasted from Linda's blog): 1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. 2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs. 4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs. Here's a link to Linda. Linda is an ETSY artist. Her shop is named LindaButterfly. She creates wonderful ACEOS and watercolor originals as well. Also, she is a self-published author, who is also a retired teacher. A very accomplished lady I would say! Linda shares her pearls of wisdom with me and I am only grateful that she is able to do so with me, because I really have so much to learn from her. (Hugs for you Linda)

Ok, now here are the 7 Random/Weird things about me (I am keeping out my clay flower crafting out of this, because I write about it all the time. Through these 7 points, you can perhaps know a little more about me):

1. I can remember exact incidents (day to day happenings) from when I was a two year old. My parents are surprised too :). Okay, the photo is from when I was a few months old, but I just wanted to give an idea :) and also let you see how cute and cuddly I was once ... hee hee!.

2. I miss my grandpa all the time, even though it is 25 years since he passed away. I often have dreams of him talking to me. In the picture above, he is the person to the extreme left. He used to work with Paramount Films and in the photo above is apparently receiving Alfred Hitchcock and his wife at the Calcutta airport. The photo above is one I found a couple of years back, while rummaging through old photos in my grandmother's closet after she passed away.
My grandfather was an excellent vocalist. He had also fought in WWII as a part of the Allied Forces. His army mattress is something I still have and treasure.

3. I love big doggies. I had two German Shepherds. But after they died, I am too heartbroken to have any more doggies at home. They become family members and best friends. Even today, I cry when I think of them or see their photos.

4. I am trained in Indian Classical Music (vocals). People who have known me for long will vouch for my singing more than they ever will for my clay flowers.... LOL! I have been training since I was four, but even now, it gives me the jitters to perform in public. :)

5. When I was a child, there were three of us (Nayana, Anuradha and I) who stuck together. Till date, they are the closest friends I have outside of my family. Luckily, we all now reside in the US (Boise, San Diego and Honolulu respectively) and are in constant touch. Recently we had a grand reunion.

6. One of my favourite books is 'The Adventures of the Wishing Chair' (and its sequel, 'The Wishing Chair Again... I consider them one book) by Enid Blyton. She was my favourite author for a long long time. Unfortunately, I can't find her books in American Bookstores.

7. My husband means the world to me. We have an interesting little story (about us, of course) which I'll share some other day. But its been 3 great years with him so far...

Okay, so I was required to write 7 random or weird things about myself.... this ended up becoming quite personal :).

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Linda said...

Now I can see this on your blog! It is a beautiful entry Deb. I loved reading about you so much. The addition of photos was superb. Thank you so much for sharing.

Schar Freeman said...

Wow Deb after reading this with all your photos and such you are someone I truly hope to meet one day! Great writing!!!

Blossoms said...

Linda, Schar - thank you so much! While writing this post, I thought I should share with my readers a side of me, which they hitherto were unaware of. Simple little things, which make me what I am. And when I started writing, I just HAD to insert photos to let you know whom I was talking about :). Hence, the pictures.