Glorious Gardenias

I am writing in to show off my recent Gardenia creations :). I am so happy with them! There are different things I have done with them here.

This one here is attached to a long-ish , smooth bobby pin that slides onto the hair and stay there without irritating you :). I don't know why, I find the wiggly ones quite annoying. I used to hate them as a kid and have never used them again. These ones are smooth and have rounded ends, which make them very comfortable. I have made some of these for a lady who wrote nice, kind words on about the sample flower that I sent her. More flowers followed. And more nice words too from another client of mine. And, their referrals even got me a couple of orders from the Knottie brides. I really can't thank Kathy enough for the rave on my hair flowers and I thought this blog is one way I can let her know how much I appreciate it. Mine is a new business and every little nice word helps - sometimes by getting me new orders, sometimes by making me smile and most importantly, by letting me know that I am making someone happy.

Then there is this, which is on an alligator clip. I am not personally fond of alligator clips, they always seem to hurt me :). But I have them in stock anyway, for clients who swear by them. This one turned out pretty nice I think.

This gardenia hair comb is something of a new idea that I have tried out. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally created this. An all-white cluster of hair flowers, with Gardenias, Stephanotis and tiny little Pikake (Hawaiian for Jasmine) on a silver colored metal comb. I would be glad if you let me know how you like this creation of mine. It is something I haven't attempted before. So feedback, is not just appreciated, it is necessary :).


Schar Freeman said...

Oh my Deb those are soo beautiful! I will take one of each and two of the combs....I love to wear these in my long purple hair:)

sosorosey said...

Gorgeous, Deb! I REALLY like the hair comb- perfect for the bride on her wedding day. Wish I had known you on mine!
:) Jennie

Very Merry said...

Beautiful! Brides will definitely love this!

E said...

I am in love with your gardenia hair comb...I love white flowers.

Blossoms said...

Thank you ladies for all the nice words :)