Eve, Thank You!


This morning was very special for me. My ETSY friend and soon-to-be neighbor Eve -about whom I had written a few days back, was the one who made it special. As mentioned earlier, Eve is a wonderful photographer. And she offered to click some photos of my flowers! The photos that I have clicked in the past, often haven't done justice to the passion and hard work I put into my flowers :). So, when Eve said she could help me out, I jumped at her offer. And not just did she click some awesome photos, she also picked me up and dropped me off and also bought me breakfast :). Really, how sweet can a person be!

We went to two different locations - first a beach park(where we were having a lot of fun, until the sun started came over our heads) and then we moved to a garden, complete with Taro Patch and a lovely Hawaiian Koi Pond. The day was hot and not too breezy, but we had lots of fun! Here are a few photos from the session, but these are clicked by me (I don't have Eve's beautiful hair, so I made her tie her hair in a bun and shot these pics). I am waiting for her photographs and as soon as I get them, I shall be able to share more of her work with you. Meanwhile, please take a look at her shop again.... I am going to!

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