I found myself on the ETSY Wedding Gift Guide!


I love ETSY. And not without reason. Ever since I started listing on ETSY, thanks to my friend Andrea (I can never thank her enough!), my business has been on the upswing :). And just the past week, I even found myself on their Wedding Gift Guide. Alright, the arrangement chosen by them isn't one of my hottest sellers, in fact I haven't really sold one of those arrangements :). But I am pretty positive that being featured on ETSY's wedding gift guide sure got me lots of hits, which then converted to sales :). And I am on the third page! :) Since most of the orders I get through ETSY are wedding orders, being featured on the Wedding Gift Guide is a huge plus for me. Yes, I know, I can't stop smiling :). So, please click on the picture and take a look.
I have also been featured in a couple of treasuries lately, but I have been so busy that by the time I found out about the treasuries, it was time for their expiry. Next time, I shall be more careful and try to share these too with you... While I go and check out if I am in any treasury today, do send me your comments :).


Schar Freeman said...

Congratulations Deb..your work is beautiful (we love our flowers) and I really enjoy your blog. Hugs!

Blossoms said...

Thank you Schar! And so glad to know you love your flowers.

Linda said...

Wow Deb it gets better and better for you. And rightly so, you are extremely skilled.