New ETSY Listings

I have been working hard to finish the projects at hand. But I did manage to put up some listings on ETSY - Finally :). I had neglected my ETSY store so long that I felt guilty :). Anyway, here are some cool things that you will find in the store.
This is a poppy cake flower. I love how the colors really pop out :). I also made one as a hair clip, for a friend's daughter :). 
This arrangement in an Expresso Cup is really a favourite with me. Because of its colors and its size, it is really versatile. Everyone who sees this has always wanted one. I have sold so many of them before I even had a chance to put it on ETSY! So, I thought it was time I did. 

The Peony Bouquet, I SO love! It is a simple bouquet, but has so much texture! I made it for the Bridal Show. But when ordered, I will be making a fresh one for the buyer. This particular piece stays with me :). 
I have tons of work to do, so I really have to rush now..... I hope you like these pictures. By the way, have you seen how all the pictures have the 'cake background' ? :) I thought the faux cake formed a really nice background for the wedding creations and got a little carried away. LOL!

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Som's Studio said...

Everything looks go great! Great job Deb!