Pictures from a PhotoShoot

I just got these photos in from Marnie of Crescendo Photography and I just had to share them with you rightaway, though I am nodding off even as I type :). 
The photoshoot was organized by Jo Ann of Apropos Creations. She is a fantastic wedding planner with exceptional organizing and networking qualities. I really owe a lot to Jo Ann. I met her at the Bridal Show and since then, she has guided me and helped me  in several ways. Thanks Jo!

So anyway... I got an email from Jo Ann one day asking if I could lend some bouquets for a photoshoot. Of course I could, I said :).  Given my photography talents, I am always happy and grateful to have my flowers professionally photographed.
My flowers show their true potential when photographed well. Don't you think so? :) 
So these two bouquets were used for the photoshoot. And the results are better than anything that I could have imagined. :) The day was overcast. Yet, the flowers came out looking so so beautiful :). I am just amazed at Crescendo Photography's work!
The first bouquet is all peonies and has been photographed by me before with terrible results. LOL! :) I love it so! It is a petite bouquet and has a lot of character. And the colors too, are oh-so-beautiful. I have had many people look at this bouquet and ask if the peonies are real. When I tell them that they aren't, they don't believe me :). That is a huge compliment for my work :).
The second bouquet is a more brightly colored bouquet made of hydrangeas, shrub roses, roses and calla lilies. I love how vibrant it turned out. I saw this color inspiration in The Knot Wedding Look Book and gave the design my own twist.
Special Mention: The veils in the photos are made by Leah of 'A Silver Lining - Bridal Veils and Accessories'

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MMG said...

Thanks for the link! Your bouquets are lovely and really added to the shoot!I love how they look in my photographs, but they are even more gorgeous in person. Thanks, again.