Some glorious photos!

Way back in January, when I was really really sick, I made a Haku Lei. I had blogged about it then. But I hadn't been able to take good pictures because I was feeling weak. The haku, if you remember for a child's Holy Communion. My client, the child's mother, sent me back these pictures. I love how the haku looks, but I couldn't take my eyes off the child. She looks angelic. Such a pretty girl!
The haku hasn't been worn the traditional Hawaiian way (across the forehead), but I'd say it looks no less pretty, thanks to the sweet child and my friend and senior colleague - Chenli. Without Chenli's help, I couldn't have finished this lei. Here's the feedback I received from my client: "Deb...I received the Haku Lei today and I am stunned by how beautiful it is. The work is amazing...Literally breathtaking ! You are incredibly talented and caring person. I will treasure forever... "
. Chenli, this is for you too!

This haku lei has more than a 150 flowers and also some great fillers. These special fillers, that I always buy from the DECO Clay Craft Academy are flown in all the way from Japan. In my job, if the fillers aren't good, they can spoil the entire effort. So, I have to make sure that I get the very best. These fillers are pretty expensive, but quite worth their price. I haven't found better fillers anywhere else and I always prefer buying my fillers from the academy because they look so real!

The second set of photos is from another client of mine, Amanda. Amanda is a wedding photographer. You can check out her stupendous work here at Amanda Fales Photography. She also writes a blog pretty regularly.
Like I had written yesterday, one area that definitely needs improvement is my photography :). So, in stepped Amanda to photograph my gardenia hair flower. Not just that, she also modelled it, so it looks doubly gorgeous! I love the sepia effect (?).
The wafer thin petals of the gardenia can be very tricky to photograph. Neither me nor Sarang had been successful in clicking a photo that we were really happy with. But now, we are very happy. And also, quite relieved :). Thanks Amanda!
Okay, so that was a pretty long post. But I do hope you enjoyed reading it..... and I hope you loved the photos. Do let me know, so I can strive to be better.


JuliaA said...

wonderful photos! i agree, the little girl does look angelic. she's such a perfect model--just adorable and sweet.

and the photographer's photos--wow. really stunning. it's amazing to see the difference that a professional can make.

hugs to you, deb.

Schar Freeman said...

Aloha Deb~yes she is very angelic and beautiful. Your haku is gorgeous and really showcases your skills and dedication.

malama pono,

Anonymous said...

Awww, she's so pretty, and I know that she will treasure the Haku lei.

I agree that the fillers sold at DCCA are the best. You CAN see and feel the difference, indeed!

Great photos from Amanda, and she's a beauty to boot, esp. with that gardenia on her hair! ;-)

Blossoms said...

@ Julia - Thank you for your comments. Yes, the child is beautiful. And Amanda's photos are simply WOW!

@ Shcar - Thank you for writing in. Your words always mean a lot to me.

@ Hasmin - Thanks! :). It is awesome to have you visit my blog so often. I let Amanda know about your compliment :).
I had so much fun yesterday doing the peonies :).
The fillers at DDCA are truly the best....I almost never use anything else on my arrangements and bouquets. I am totally smitten :).