Finished another Wedding Order :)

Everytime I complete a Wedding Order, there is a relief of having finished things well and on time. But more than that, there is an excitement of what the bride will say once she sees the flowers herself :). Seeing them in photos is one thing. Seeing them in reality is quite another :). And I always wait eagerly for their comments....every little word of appreciation gives me a BIG (no... HUGE) smile :).Anyway... these flowers are for the bride that I made the Pink Peony and Rose Bouquet that I had blogged about earlier. Once she received the Bridal Bouquet, she ordered two bridesmaids' bouquets, 3 Bouts and a Peony Hair Flower.The Bridesmaids' Flowers match with the Bridal Bouquet, but they don't have the peonies. They have roses in different hues of pink, along with pearl-studded stephanotis flowers. Also, I haven't added any green to these bouquets. Even the wrap is a little different from the bridal bouquet. Despite all these differences, these two bouquets tie in beautifully with the Bridal Bouquet.
I always wanted to do a 'PINK' wedding and this bride of mine made my wish come true :). Not just that, she also referred a friend to me :). So, now, I'll probably be doing her flowers as well. I am excited and absolutely grateful for every little business that comes my way. Thank you very much for supporting and encouraging me!! It means the world to me :). Thank You!


JuliaA said...

she gets her bouquet and orders more right away--that says something.

everyone who experiences your work seems to love it so, so much. you bring so much beauty to a beautiful occasion.

Whimsical Creations said...

absolutely beautiful!!

amanda fales shaw said...

these look fantastic! good work! I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with for our bouquets!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Debashri, as always, such lovely work...and it was great to see you in class! ((hugs))

Blossoms said...

@ Julia, Melanie - Thanks for the lovely words :)

@ Amanda - I am working on ideas :) for our bouquets.... Will email you.

@ Hasmin - Thanks :). It was wonderful to get together with everyone that day in class. Also, the Peony was Super fun! What are you up to with DECO Clay now? I have to check your blog :)

Pian Kazi said...

great stuff! very creative