Book Review - Bouquet Chic by Kimberly Aurora Kapur

Ever since I started my business, I began picking up wedding flower books every time I could afford to. They give me inspiration to create new things and allow me to give my clients more ideas to consider. Also, when my clients are in doubt, I show them pictures and ask them to shortlist, so I can read their minds and create their dream bouquet for their dream wedding.

Of all the books that I have bought in the past one year, one of the most influential has been Kimberly Aurora Kapur's 'Bouquet Chic'. A bridal bouquet is a bride's personal style statement. As a florist, if you get the bridal bouquet right, everything else just falls into place. It is here that this book comes in very handy. Kimberly not just talks about the significance of colors in a wedding and how they tie in with the persona of the bride, but also provides several examples of different styles like 'Vintage', 'Classic', 'Glam'. Reading through the book and looking at the accompanying pictures, makes it easy for the reader to associate with what the author is explaining. There are more than a hundred and fifty lovely designs and that is a lot of choice!

Another cool thing about this book is that there are a number of cute wraps shown. Kimberly also shows us HOW to actually do those wraps.
This one's a great reference book for floral designers and also DIY brides. So, do remember to take a look. Its available in a lot of public libraries around the country. And if you want a copy for yourself, its available at all the bookstores and also online. Trust me (and you know you can), it is a great asset to have!
Keep checking this space. I shall be writing more about this talented floral designer soon....

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Hi Debashri, I'm going to have to check this one out. Thanks for the info. :-)