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Sorry for venting out yesterday. I have now removed that post.... If its there, I might keep looking at it and feel sad again. But THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. It is kind of hard for me to take a break right now.... but I promise to do that very soon.... and yes, I don't think I am going to give up. Like so many of you wrote to me yesterday, the best part of my job is to be part of the most special day for a woman and to make her happy. It is really a blessing to be able to make people happy in this way..... and I don't think I should give up. Thank you! Yesterday was so terrible for me and I am so grateful that I had so many people stand by me. Though I have removed yesterday's post, I have all your comments with me and shall keep looking at them whenever I need words of encouragement. Thank you very much!
Back to work now :).
A few weeks back, a client of mine came to me with a custom order. There was this special kind of orchid that she liked. She wanted me to replicate it for her and make a hairpiece .... one of my combs :). Going by the popularity of my combs, I think I should make more of those, in different designs, colors and using different flowers.
So here's what it looked like -
And here's what my customer had to say about this comb:"Deb,
I love the comb, it's exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to wear it on the big day. The pictures don't do it justice, you are truly gifted.
Thanks for the sweet note and for working with me on this custom piece."
Isn't that wonderful? One thing I am still lagging in, is photographs.... How do I take good photographs? :( I wish I could do a course somewhere! In my next post, I shall be writing about a photographer client of mine who sent me photos of my gardenia flower and shows it in an entirely different light :). I never knew that my gardenia could look so beautiful :).


Som's Studio said...

This is fabulous comb Deb! The crystals add a lovely sparkle to the orchids. I love orchids too!

JuliaA said...

so glad that today seems like a better day today, deb. i was worried about you yesterday! seems like lots of us are having drama lately, and not the happy sort. :(

the orchid is gorgeous. do you have photoshop? or...i think it's called GIMP, the free program that has some photoshop-like functions?

i've just learned some things about brightening my pictures. in photoshop there's something called "white point" where you click on the part of the picture that should be true white, and it adjusts all the tones. sometimes you have to click around, but it brightens things SO MUCH. that and some other adjustments have been really helping my pictures. it's so hard to get a good representation of your work sometimes!

Anonymous said...


Pink Avenue Bride said...

Gorgeous!!! Your work is amazing! Pink Avenue Brides will love your pieces!