Haku Lei - Quite an accomplishment! :)

If you haven't seen me in blog world for a while, its only because I have been sick :(. I caught a cold from my husband and really didn't want to pass it on to my clients while working on their flowers while I was sick. I am better since yesterday, so I worked on this amazing product - Haku Lei.
I was contacted by this lady from Texas who wanted a headpiece for her daughter's holy communion. And after discussions, we settled on the Haku Lei :). I am not quite fond of making tiny flowers :). They are a lot of work. And for Hakus,
you have to make lots and lots of tiny flowers. There are two shades of pink roses, stephanotis, stephanotis buds and tiny little green buds too. Plus, there are lots of pretty fillers, all of which (as also the flowers) had to be individually attached to stems and wrapped... But the final result is just WOW!
I must mention here, that I cannot take all the credit for this beautiful creation. My fellow instructor Chenli helped me a LOT with this, since I hadn't completed a Haku before and I wanted to make sure that I didn't make any mistakes . I had started one, but just got overhwhelmed by the work it required and that haku was half the size of this one! LOL!
I just love what I have accomplished with this one :). Let me know what you think..... As always, that is something I totally look forward to. The pictures aren't nice, since its already evening here. I shall try to post better pictures tomorrow. The actual finished product is so much more beautiful.


chloe said...

Deb, you have outdone yourself yet again! The Haku Lei is GORGEOUS.
Congratulations on such a work of art.
See you very soon on the Hug.
In the meantime, here's a special hug for you and your latest achievement!

JuliaA said...

what an amazingly detailed work! i can see how it must have been very labor-intensive! but it turned out beautifully, and i'm sure the customer will be thrilled!

Som's Studio said...

Wow! Its just stunning!
It must have taken hours to complete this Haku Lei!

Sarah Jane said...

Gorgeous!!! What a special piece. :D

Sorry to hear about your cold. HUGS