Tropical Flower Course

At the DECO Clay Craft Academy we had an accelerated Tropical Flowers Course for instructors like myself. We had three extended sessions, which were a lot of fun. To me, away from my home country and my parents, this class has been like a surrogate family to me. It might seem a little bit exaggerated and I haven't admitted this before :), but that is a fact. I hardly socialize (apart from hanging out with my only friend here - Maria. More about her later. She deserves an entire post). I am the type that likes to curl up with a book or watch a movie or go swimming with my husband when I am not doing my clay stuff. And my husband too, is the same way. We hardly meet other people. So, when I get to go to my clay class, that is about the only time I get to meet people and totally love it.
There is a Japanese lady in my class, who comes down to Hawaii all the way from Japan to take classes. I really look forward to meeting her, though I speak no Japanese and she hardly speaks any English (She's taking classes though and is getting better and better at it).
Coming back to the tropical course, we made anthiriums, tuberose and different kinds of jasmines and orchids, apart from the flowers which we had learnt earlier.We also learnt to make leis and even Haku Leis. I hope to share photos soon!
I have made some prints of some of my work and plan to put them in an album and carry them around with me. Way too many people ask me to show them what I do.... and I don't have anything with me. So, I am guessing this album might be a good start.
Alright? I've got to get back to work now... See ya later...

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