A Busy Saturday!

Today morning started pretty early. Woke up at 5.30. That is usual for me :). I called up my parents in India. Yes, that is usual too :). I do that almost every single day. Then, my husband and I decided to go to the Farmers' Market near Diamond Head in Honolulu. We made it on time. But it was awfully crowded. So, we decided to move from there and take a drive and see if we could spot some turtles. We did not find any turtles, but we found a great little Farmers' Market on the North Shore. Three vendors especially interested me - a Thai Food Truck, a lady farmer and an old couple selling Hawaiian Handicrafts.
The Thai Food truck had awesome Thai Food. I am usually apprehensive of Thai style noodles. They are awfully oily. But these guys made some great stuff and the right level of spice too!
The lady farmer owns a 4 acre piece of land. She does all the farming, weeding, cleaning and packing ALL BY HERSELF. And she sells great, fresh vegetables and greens for less than half the price than in stores! That proves that we can produce agricultural products right here on Oahu, sell them and make a decent living. The high realty prices here are just an excuse not to grow food here, and fly them/ship them in from the mainland. The result - not as fresh food and sky-high prices. Is it any wonder then, that we pay 9 dollars for a gallon of milk or 3 dollars for a pound of tomatoes? I think all of us can take a lot of inspiration from this lady. I wish to write more about her soon. Let's see if I can get to talk to her again.
The third interesting vendor was an old couple. We bought some tapa cloth pieces from them. We plan to frame them and put them up in our home in Arizona. The couple was really old. I only wish someone would offer to do the job of selling for them voluntarily, so that they can rest at home. The Hawaiian Handicrafts groups can definitely help here.
We also met a HUGE Rotweiller Zak :). I hadn't seen a more friendly Rottie ever. He was gave me a few licks and then sat down to enjoy my petting him.
Once back home, I got back to work - the bridal order. I finished the Maid of Honour's Bouquet and then took some photos to send to my client, the bride. Back to work now...

See ya soon!


brightonEarly said...

What a busy, but fun, day!

Don't you just love meeting interesting people??

Blossoms said...

Yes. It is always nice to meet up with nice, interesting people! :) And in Hawaii, I get to meet a lot of them. People are laidback here and mostly, not caught up in the rat race. Which what I like. Also, I have a special corner for organic produce and such other stuff .... so, when I see people going the extra mile to give me my chemical-free veggies, I feel obliged to them :)