I am back!

I know a lot of you have been wondering where I disappeared. Well, I have been around, but been extremely busy. I have been busy with my computer(s). First, my old one broke down. Just the screen started going blank. The rest of it is functioning great. Anyway, before it totally blackened out, we managed to get everything moved to an external hard drive. (Having a Computer Engineer for a husband really helps at times like this!) Then, we got a new computer... the Mac that I used to write some of the other posts. But soon, I got fed up. It is very different from a PC and I didn't really have time to learn it all. Also, it did not help that everything I wanted to start working on my computer, needed a lot of money. So, I returned the Mac and got myself a small laptop from HP... the kind that has a swivel screen. It was really nice and cute and very very light. So, I loved it! But it heated up a LOT! It got so hot at times that I couldn't touch it. I tried working the customer service, and but nothing happened. I had almost resigned to my fate when a key started popping off the keyboard! So, we gave that back to and got a brand new computer.... a Gateway this time, just like my old one. But this is a weird red color! (they did not have any other color, with the configuration I wanted!!!) So, here I am, working on my relatively inexpensive computer (I savede $700 when I switched from Mac to Gateway! Ha! Ha!) ... it doesn't look awesome, but it WORKS!!!
That is my sob story of the day with a happy ending! Also, there is some good news that I have been dying to share with you! I got a wedding order! I am dilligently working on it right now and the back and forth conversations with the bride-to-be have proved to be enlightening to say the least.

I have also got a couple of other orders from ETSY.COM and a few enquiries about classes from my website as well. So, its really been an exciting couple of weeks.

I also had a make-and-take sessions at the Craft Supply of Honolulu at Pearl City and at the Hobby Company at the Pearl Ridge Mall (something I do once a month). Amongst others, I taught a cute little lady a rose to wear for her prom night. She was delighted with the way it turned out :). There was also a bride to be, with her friend. They are together doing the bride's wedding flowers. They are going to attempt Clay Magnolias with beaded centers. Isn't that great? Since they hadn't handled the clay before, they wanted to try it out at my make-and-take class. I taught them gardenias. At every step, they squealed with excitement! It is always such a joy when you elicit such responses from people. Ultimately, that is what crafting is all about, right?

Here's a small gift I made for an aunt. I hope she likes it. Let me know how you guys like it. I shall await your responses.
Oh! There's another good news. My parents have been granted a visa to come and visit me in the US. My dad managed to get leave from his job.... so, they will be here in another 20 days!! I am just counting the days and dreaming of eating food cooked by mom. Such bliss! We have planned some trips for them. We will be going to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas when we visit Arizona (Did I tell you that we have a home there?). So, if you guys have any travel tips, or any list of must-see places, please feel free to write in. It will be a big help!

Time to get back to work... see ya soon!

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Saritha said...

It's beautiful. Makes me want to touch it and smell it!