I am to become an AUNT :)


I can't believe it! Just last Saturday, my sister called up saying that she is expecting a baby! Though she is 5 years younger to me, I can very well imagine her becoming a doting mom. That's what she's wanted ever since she was a kid :). And I am SO SO SO happy that I had to share this baby news with you!

With this news a lot of nostalgia came floating by.... my first glimpse of my sister at the nursing home, her naughty antics at school which made her teachers summon me, all of us (there are 5 of us, cousins included)stealing the yummy pickles made by our grandma, playing cricket and hiding whenever we broke the neighboring office's window! :D All that stuff! Now we have grown up and gone our separate ways geographically. But emotionally, the bonding hasn't reduced one bit :).

This photo is of my sister when she was about 6 years (I think) old. She was so naughty that we always had to be careful of her. She would do all kinds of things and blame it on us. Like she told a very dear family friend that our mom had asked us not to visit them! My mom had never said anything like that and had to do a lot of apologising and explaining before they understood that it was one of my sister's pranks!
I also received the news of my cousin's wedding. Ronnie, my maternal uncle's son is my sister's age and has always been the typical, dutiful, Indian brother to me :). I am very happy to know that he's finally found the person he wants to spend his life with. The wedding is in December and we are making all efforts to be in India for the event. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)


Whimsical Creations said...

=) melanie

Blossoms said...

Thank you Melanie! I am waiting to know if the baby's a girl or a boy.... I want one of your cute baby blanket keychains for her :)