Announcing 'CUTIEBLOOMS' - My new ETSY store exclusively for the kidlets :)

I have been working on a whole lot of things lately and finally one project has come into fruition :). I had been planning on starting a store for Kids and Kids alone, but I never had the time to do it. Now, there is a place where you can purchase DECO Clay Flowers for your little ones.
I have named the store - CutieBlooms :). So please check out and tell me how you like it.
I have just put on a few flowers there... But do let me know what you'd like to see there, for your princesses and I'll be sure to put them on there. 
Everytime I thought of what to give my nieces, I could only think of these flowers :). I was just waiting for them to grow up, so that they could start wearing these. These would be great gifts for birthdays or even just like that!  No one needs reasons to give a little girl a gift really :).
Keep Browsing! See you soon....

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