New Wedding Bouquet for an Army Wedding


Happy New Year 2011! I hope you had/are having a great Holiday Season :). So, have you been wondering where I have been? :) I was finishing up this beautiful bouquet for a very special bride.

Not that other brides aren't special, but this one was for an active duty soldier. She and her husband are both in the armed forces. On my website, I have mentioned about a special discount for members of the armed forces. (Considering what they do for us, the discount is nothing. But, I do what I can) Thais came through me through my website. I hadn't been very active on Etsy for a while and I am always surprised to know how my clients find me through my website.... since I haven't advertised at all :). So anyway, she found me and said that she wanted a bouquet with green, white and a little black. She also mentioned a wildflower-ish look, but also elegant. Once I knew what her style and her favourite flowers were, we decided on Peonies, Anemones and Ranunculus as the main flowers. For the smaller flowers we chose Stephanotis, Freesia, Hyacinth and Viburnum.

I think the bouquet turned out extremely pretty, even if I am the one who's saying so.... LOL! I fell so completely in love with it, that I am now creating similar-looking arrangements for our home (which incidentally doesn't have any of my work as part of the decor!)

I have some more interesting developments on the horizon and I shall share them with you, as they materialize. With your best wishes and encouragement, I am sure I shall succeed.

Thanks for reading! Keep coming back for more news, and more flowers :).

P.S.: I know my photos aren't all that great. Any tips on photographing the flowers, especially on creating a background would be really welcome.


cherrie said...

Hi Debbie,

For your pictures, try getting the EZcube Table Top Photography...that's what I use with mine.In fact, I even saw Tim using the same thing. My daughter got it for me and you'll see how much your pictures improve. BTW, that's indeed a nice bouquet.

KeepsakeBlossoms said...

Thanks Cherrie. I am looking it up :). Thanks for the suggestion.