New Bridal Bouquet

This week has gone by in a jiffy :). I did not even know where it went :). I taught 17, yes 17 students in a demo session that DECO Clay holds every Tuesday at the Waikiki Mariott Hotel. My friend and senior colleague Chen-Li usually does it. But since she was busy that day, the academy asked if I could step in. I did, because I thought it would be fun and a great learning experience. I had students ranging from 3 years to ladies in their 70s. I learnt a lot, and had a lot of fun.... Also, my respect for Chen-Li and Yukiko went up manyfold :).
Then yesterday, I went to give Aya of DECO Clay Craft Academy a hand at the Girls' Day Craft Fair that's being held at Shirokiya (Ala Moana Shopping Center). If you are around, do come and take a look. There are many pretty finished products for sale, by some of our senior-most instructors (who do great work!). We are also doing demo sessions there. The schedule can be had from the DECO Clay Craft Academy.

This week I also finished one of my bridal bouquets. So, here are some pics. My client's colors were dark pink, light pink and some white. She initially wanted to go for roses and pearl studded /or crystal studded stephanotis. I showed her some samples and she decided to go with the pearl studded stephanotis. Also, she decided she wanted some peonies as well. So, this
is what I came up with. I also decided to add some greens.
This client of mine contacted me via . She is not new to DECO Clay Flowers. She had seen them at her cousin's wedding in Hawaii. And guess what? She loves her bouquet :). So, what do you think about it ? :)
PS: I totally forgot to mention..... about Cherrie's contribution to this bouquet. I usually make Peonies with green and white centers. But Cherrie told me to try golden yellow centers. That is what I have tried in this creation of mine.


Sarah Jane said...

Gorgeous bouquet, Deb!!! :D You just get better and better. :)

DK Designs said...

Great job on the bouquet! Very pretty Debashri.

BeadNestDesigns said...

This bouquet is so romantic and beautiful! If only I were getting married again!! :)

Schar Freeman said...

Sounds like you are getting in and enjoying teaching...isn't it a hoot? I love it and so rewarding.

These bouquetsget more and more gorgeous with every new one!

JuliaA said...

beautiful, deb!

Blossoms said...

Thanks everyone! I try harder everyday :) and I am so glad you like my flowers :)

Schar - Yes, I love teaching :). In fact, the last job I had before I came to the US was that of a teacher at a graduate business school :). On Tuesday though, I was just standing in for my friend and colleague.