Gardenia Hair Piece

When one of my ETSY clients received the Gardenia Hair comb she bought, she realized that a comb was not she was looking for. She somehow thought she was buying a hair piece on an alligator clip and bought the comb by mistake. When she received the hair piece, she told me about her dilemma. When I said I'd take back the comb happily and send her a refund, she said she loved the way the comb looked. Only if I could do a similar cluster of flowers on an alligator clip. So, this is what I came up with.
I liked the way it turned out but thought that it was a little too big. So although my client loved it and told me to send it over to her, I ran it by my trusted senior colleague - ChenLi - today. When she told me that it was the perfect size and showed me how it looked on her hair, I realized she was right. So, this beautiful piece will be on its way tomorrow :).
I had loads of fun today! I attended a Tropical Flowers class by ChenLi at the academy, along with Corrine and Bob. I made a yellow Cattleya that I had been seeing at the farmers' market we visit. I also made an Anthurium and a pretty pink Plumeria and helped Bob make his Hawaiian Red Ginger flower since we were running out of time. I also showed Yukiko my white and green arrangement. She liked it too :). So, it was a fun time at the academy today! Not a dull moment with DECO Clay around :).


JuliaA said...

i love to hear ppl speak of excellent customer service so casually--i've had mostly good experiences on etsy, but a few duds. it's nice that attentive customer service is more the norm than the exception!

and (of course) the hair clip looks great!

Jackie said...

Love that hairpiece and nice to know that people appreciate service

chloe said...

The hairpiece is beautiful. It's a great shot, especially enlarged.
You are a great seller as well as a great person. I guess these go hand in hand.

BJohnson Jewelry said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know I nominated you and a few other individuals for a 'Lemonade award.' You can read about it in my latest post.

Thank you,