Llyons Arboretum

On this Valentine's Day, we decided to do something very different. We visited the Llyons Arboretum here in Manoa, Hawaii.

We were amazed at the variety of plants there and the vibrant colors of the flora. I have put a slideshow of some pictures we took, for you all to enjoy. Happy Valentine's Day!


chloe said...

Deb and Sarang,
what a perfect way to spend this very very special day. The slide show was superb.
Happy Valentine and Happy Birthday!
Love and hugs,

Blossoms said...

Hey Chloe,
You aren't late at all :). My birthday is today.... the 15th of February. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

JuliaA said...

great slideshow--so nice to see flowers when it's 25 degrees here in chicago! the arboretum looks lovely.

happy happy birthday!

Sarah Jane said...

Deb, those photos are amazing! You could sell them as prints or post cards. :D

Sounds like a lovely way to spend Valentine's!

And a very happy birthday. :D

Blossoms said...

Julia - The arboretum IS lovely! :) It was raining a lot that day and the arboretum is within a rainforest..... What a lovely sight it was!

Sarah - Yes, we too are thinking of selling some of those pics :). I think they are really lovely :).