Somdutta - Another Fab ETSY Artist and a dear friend

Somdutta is someone I know from my college days. This pretty girl was a year junior to me in college and we lived in the same hostel (dorm). We had lost touch for years, but one fine day she found me in ETSY, where she too has a store. No, actually, she has two stores. Two fab stores. She is a jewelry artist and her jewelry is so gorgeous that it has actually made even a person like me - I hardly wear jewelry - buy from her store. And not just once. I keep going back to her stores and when my father wanted a totally flawless gemstone - a London Blue Topaz, at least 8 carats - Somdutta was the one I trusted with my purchase. My father is very finicky and I was apprehensive whether he'd like the stone. He loved it! And he couldn't believe the price he got it for. And Somdutta personally handed it over to my family, when she travelled to India. I can't thank her enough! But I can recommend her - her quality of work, the quality of stones that she carries in her ETSY stores and her customer service. Truly, greatly, recommended.

SomsStudioSupplies has an awesome collection of precious and semi-precious stones, lab-created stones, crystals and pearls. In short, its a DREAM sourcing store for a jewelry artist. I stress on it, because I keep going back to her store, just to see what stones she has listed. The quality is so awesome! (She even gets appraisals done, if requested) And the price is extremely reasonable. Just as an example, take a look at this huge CITRINE in her shop. The appraiser puts the average retail value of the stone at over a 1000 Dollars, while her price is just 360 Dollars! This store of hers is doing really well. And its really no surprise :).
Her other store is SomsStudio where she sells jewelry designed by her. Somdutta's jewelry design is very unique. Her designs can be traditional, modern or even abstract. And sometimes, she can mix up all three effortlessly. This store of hers needs a little more buyer-attention, because its designs are very unique and the pieces very affordable.
So, if you are looking for a truly unique piece of quality artisan jewelry, you should be headed to SomsStudio. And if you are a jewelry artist and are looking for affordable and/or unique beads of excellent quality, SomsStudioSupplies sure is one place you MUST check out!


Jennie said...

What a small world! I love how you re-found each other. There are truly beautiful items in both shops. I really like the photo collage you did, too :)

Sarah Jane said...

How amazing that Etsy brought you two back together again! :D

Your friend is gorgeous, and I love her shops. I hearted the supply store for when I need to add to my collection next. :)

JuliaA said...

what a wonderful post! i love how the internet can bring people together that have lost touch. and how sweet of her to deliver the stone to your father in india personally!

i think i'm going to have to heart that supply store too. :)