Christmas Wreath Custom Order

Sometime back I had written a post about the Amaryllis flowers that I had made as a custom order for a lady. She also wanted a Christmas Wreath with candle stands inside it. She sent me an advent ring and some pics depicting what she had in mind. And here's what I came up with.
The wreath has peonies, callas, and tulips. It also has a variety of foliage, pine cones and lovely red holly berries. This one is the most difficult arrangement I have done in a long time.
First of all, it is a pain to find the stuff you want, in Hawaii. We searched and searched for three full weekends for the right kind of berries and the right kind of foliage. And we just could not find a styrofoam ring! Not the kind I liked, at least. (Finicky, ain't I? LOL!) Once we started finding stuff, they turned out to be far more expensive than I had estimated :(! That is what happens when you move from Arizona to Hawaii! Your costing sense goes topsy turvy! And ultimately, it turns out, that I really didn't make any money on this project - given the cost of materials used! But I learnt something new and that is an achievement too. :) Please let me know how you think the wreath turned out and if you think its missing something.... I went all out to make this wreath happen and happen well and I really want to make this wreath very special, because its a Christmas wreath :).


Linda said...

This is fantastic Deb. I love the whole concept and the flowers look real. Great to have red, green and white, lovely.

JuliaA said...

beautiful and festive, deb. everything you make is so amazing. i love seeing all the pictures.

Sarah Jane said...

Gorgeous wreath, Debashri! :) It has everything a Christmas wreath should have- I wouldn't change a thing. :)

Arts and Crafts said...

Beautiful work, I liked it very much.
Congrats and merry christmas!

Blossoms said...

Linda - Thank you so much! :) I have always loved red, green and white together.

Julia - Thanks :)

Sarah - Just like you suggested, I haven't changed a thing :)

Fran - Thank you! And Merry Christmas to you as well