Moo - The cutest little cow


I haven't been around in my blog much of late. Been very busy with work (and a Maui vacation.... photos coming up in the next post, so stay tuned)! But its been great fun too - because my work is fun for me :). That's the best part, isn't it?
Anyway, I had been missing my DECO Clay Craft Academy a lot. I hadn't been there in a while to take classes and wanted to try out the great special projects they had for the holidays. One of them had this cute little cow that I totally fell in love with. I just HAD to make this lady. Why is it a lady and not a guy? Well, don't you see how well dressed up she is? Ribbons, a shawl and flowers too :). Only a lady can be so elegant. What say?
Doing this project with Yukiko (my lovely teacher) and Chen Li, I learnt not only this figurine but also how to make those cute flowers. Those are called Kimono flowers. They are originally made with kimono fabric. Only, we have made them with DECO clay here :).
I want to say a few words about Chen Li here. (In the picture, she's the one in a gre
y top and Yukiko's the one to her left) She is such a wonderful teacher! And a great person too. We have several wonderful and friendly people in our academy. And Chen Li is definitely one such person. She helps Yukiko teach us and even when Yukiko is away, Chen Li teaches at the academy. She is such a wonderful addition to the teaching stuff! And she is extremely talented as well. I totally flip for her plumerias :). Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of her plumerias, but here's a photo of another tropical arrangement that I bought as a present for my parents, who just loved her creations! Isn't it lovely?
What else is new at the academy? Well, there are two bits of wonderful news! Firstly, we will be having a new flower course in April - new flowers, that we haven't learnt before. How exciting! The only bad thing about the news is that, its in April :(. I don't know whether I'll still be in Hawaii to learn the new flowers. Secondly, Sensei Miyai.... the Great Kazuko Miyai.... is going to be here in January or February next year to teach us a special project. Yay! This year, we did a clay kimono :). So, I know next year too, there's something truly special in store for us.


JuliaA said...

that cow is too adorable! :D

Blossoms said...

Thanks Julia :-). I think so too. Everyone in class fell in love with her. And my friend Betty said, that Moo's a sexy cow ... LOL!

Sarah Jane said...

What a lovely looking group of people!

It's always fun to learn a new technique, and you did such a fabulous job with your cow! :) Bravo!

Som's Studio said...

She's just moo-licious!!
Love all your work...
I registered for a blog, now have no clue how to navigate...haha.
maybe you can teach me? ;)