Tiring Day

Morning started off pretty tamely. I made a cute yellow gerbera daisy (Thanks Melanie, you've got me hooked on to daisies now). In the afternoon I taught a make-and-take session. It was a lot of fun. Another DECO Clay instructor - a very graceful lady by the name Betty Phillips -dropped in too! I had two students in the class, and they made two flowers each. It is always wonderful to watch someone you are teaching, make lovely flowers! Betty too decided to take a class!!! It was funny really, because she is an instructor too, just like me. And I didn't really teach her anything, but we shared some tips.

When I came home from the class, I was in for an unpleasant surprise - my earlier computer which had started flickering (which led to this new one!) had gone totally dark. On a closer look, we realized that with great difficulty, we could see SOMETHING. We ran and got ourselves an external Hard Drive to transfer all the data from the old laptop to my new one, before it went totally black. Also have a  backup in the Hard Drive. Now, I am in the midst of the data transfer from the HD to my Mac. How interesting! I really had no idea that it would be so exhausting...

Coming back to the work front, I sent my parents links to the posts about me. They were very happy to read those. Really, there are some nice people who have written nice things about my work. Maybe another daisy then, just for the encouragement they have given me :).

Oh! Just before I end, please look up Sarang's post on www.passionforcinema.com . His first post as an 'author' there. As usual, it is very insightful. He's even received a feedback from the director of the film whose film he's written about. He's delighted :).

If you are wondering what this photo is doing here, well I have decided to show you something new today. I usually do flowers from clay, but I have also made this dress as a part of our instructors' curriculum. The dress is about 7 inches tall. It has got a lot of detail work and took hours to make! See the tiny corsage? That is the kind of intricate work this dress has got. Let me know how you like it. 


Rachelle said...

Sounds like a long day! The detail on that dress is amazing. Good work!


Sara said...

The details are beautiful. Very nice work, glad you shared with us!

Blossoms said...

@ Rachelle and Sara:

The detail is really amazing. They are teeny weeny things and hence more difficult :). There is a belt that the dress has. It has a knot at the back. The back side of the neck has a crisscross design. (These are the things the photo doesn't show, because its just a front view) And also, the frills, the puffed and texturized sleeves, the design on the dress (I am yet to add the pearls :) ) and then the tiny corsage. It was a lot of fun to do.