ETSY and my experiences with crafters there...


When I started out on ETSY, I had no clue that my work would lead me to so many wonderful people. But ETSY has opened my eyes to so many awesome people from all over the world, who also happen to be terrific artists! I have also made 3 sales so far through ETSY and I haven't even completed one month on the website.
People have such wonderful, encouraging things to say. Because of them, I have sat down and created flowers specially for them - so that I can send them photos and make them happy. One such person is Melanie from melaniescrafts. She was my first buyer. And ever since buying a hibiscus hair pick from me, she has been telling me that she would love to see me make some gerebra daisies. Now those daisies, are a lot of work! But this past Sunday, I sat down and made one. It took me over an hour, but the end result is worth it :). Not only that, I realized I could use a different technique from the one that I had originally learnt. 
Other people from ETSY who have been super-supportive are Donna of dzfantasy and Mel from Melsdolls. They have featured me on their blogs with wonderful write-ups about my work! There's also Mary from ElegantbyDesign who has been very supportive of my venture. She has been giving me tips too. Didn't I say that there were many wonderful people that I met on ETSY?
And all this is because of my friend Andrea of TinyCrafts. She is the first one to have featured me on her website. And that is when I wasn't even selling. I had just become a qualified instructor and here she was, encouraging me with great write-ups. She was also the one who guided me to ETSY. I really can't thank her enough!
I also HAVE to mention two other people - Incidentally, both are Soap artists :). One is Lauren from sunbasilgarden. You just have to check out her shop. She's superbly talented. I have never seen soaps this cute. Another person is Bianca of decor8me. She is from Australia. She also makes jewelry in addition to soaps. Her soaps are very unique too. There are some that look like cupcakes. I placed a custom gift order through her and she was very very helpful in guiding me and helping me out. She gift-wrapped my soaps for free and even made a card and wrote a little note inside it. Can you believe it? 
I look forward to meeting more wonderful people like the ones I have already met. As and when I do, I shall keep you posted. 
This post is incomplete without talking about my husband. If it were not for his encouragement, even at a time when we were struggling for every penny, I wouldn't have made it to where I am ..... Here's what I want to tell him through this post: "Sarang, whatever I have achieved, is because of you!"
That is it for today, but its just a start. Keep checking once in a while....for more interesting stuff!


Sarang said...

Great Start!! Keep Blogging!!!

jenscloset said...

I have had a lot of positive experience with help from other Etsy people too!

Blossoms said...

@ jenscloset:
Yes, the people at ETSY are so wonderful. They have guided a newbie like me to 3 sales already. They tell me what groups to join. They are continuously teaching me how to promote myself. They promote me too! A lady today gave me a free advert. What more could I ask for!


The Soap Buffet said...

Great story...and the flowers are BEAUTIFUL! So realistic!