Tiffany's Wedding - Red Roses and Stephanotis



Tiffany, I met via Etsy. I was looking for writeups for my flowers and I came across her. She offered to write for me and did a great job of it. Then, after a couple of months, she wrote to me saying she loved my flowers and wanted me to create her wedding flowers.

Tiffany's wedding colors were Red, Black and White. She wanted a small, simple red rose and stephanotis bouquet with black Swarovski inserts. We also added black leaves (thanks to clay, that's possible!) with gloss, to go with the flowers. The wrap was a simple black satin ribbon. I also created the groom's bout and Tiffany's hair flowers - loose stephanotis flowers with Swarovski centers.

Here are Tiffany's thoughts about her Wedding Day and her Wedding Flowers, in her own words:
Hours seemed to turn into minutes, minutes into milliseconds, as we
waited for the sun to set. The second hand on the clock was nearly as
loud as the bumping of my heart, and all I could do was stare at the
aisle through the window of my bridal suite.

Finally, our daughter, the flower girl, was called out. It was almost
time. In just a few more minutes, I would be walking down the
aisle toward my best friend. Growing up, my family was never very
functional, and my brother and I were often left to raise ourselves. He
escorted me to the aisle, where he kissed my cheek, cried, and let me

I took a deep breath, made a mental note not to drop my flowers or
trip on my flip flops (and yes, I so wore flip flops under my gown!
), and began my walk down the aisle to Nine Inch Nails‘ La Mer. The
sun had finally begun to set, and the sky was phenomenally clear. We
lit a unity candle, said our vows, exchanged rings, and handfasted,
a perfect blending of our personal beliefs and the traditions of our

Matt, my new husband, and I had decided to take our first pictures
together before the ceremony. We wanted that special time together
unrushed. Plus, I refused to wear glasses or contacts on my wedding
day, and I wanted to see his face up close the first time he saw me.
The pictures before the ceremony were full of nervous energy and
laughter. After the ceremony, all we could think about was each other,
and in our pictures, you can see all of that.

As we approach our 9 months as a married couple, I can still
remember the day as vividly as if it happened yesterday. My favorite
part? I have more than just pictures to hang and memories to cherish.
My wedding bouquet, hair flowers, and the boutonniere my husband
wore are all as beautiful today as they were on our wedding day.

Instead of dried, fragile, and brown flowers kept away in a box, my
wedding flowers sit vibrantly on my shelf, as elegant and gorgeous
today as they were when I carried them down the aisle.


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Tiffany Barry said...

Wow! This post came out perfectly! Thank you so much for the beautiful memories you helped me to create, and for this post celebrating it!

Deb, you are simply amazing.