'Country Chic' Bouquet

A while back, I was asked if I could make some bouquets for a photoshoot. I made 3 of them, matching them with the dresses the models were to wear. One of those bouquets, is this one.... Now, I don't have the photos from the photoshoot yet, but I figured I'll share with you what my friend Wendy of Abstract Mind by WLo shot for me :).
Now, this is a smaller bouquet, but I love how pretty it looks and how much character it has, despite the size. Initially, I didn't think of including anything yellow. My husband said I should 'infuse' yellow. Now, normally, I tend to ignore what my husband says about floral arrangements. LOL! But this suggestion totally made sense. I think the yellow gives this bouquet 'spunk' :). Don't you think so?

This bouquet has Roses, Shrub Roses, Lilac and Grape Hyacinth. The Lilac, Grape Hyacinth and the Grape Leaves give this bouquet a whimsical feel, while the colors keep it very very chic. Now, for the photoshoot, I did the wrap in a plain mauvy pink satin ribbon.... but I think I could work on it a little more to make it more glam :).  That's my plan now :).

If you wish to see this bouquet first-hand, please visit my booth at the Bridal Fashion Debut - the biggest Bridal Show in the country - on June 12th, 2011 between 9am-3pm. It will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center.  You can hold this bouquet and see how light it is ...and yes, it will still be looking exactly the same :), because these flowers don't die :). That's what I so love about my flowers!
Okay, now back to wedding orders :). Shall get back to you with more photos soon .... keep reading.....

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Arizona's Offbeat Wedding Photographer said...

I absolutely LOVE this bouquet! The colors are stunning and you tied them all in perfectly. <3 <3 <3