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Dear Readers,
I hope you haven't forgotten me. My last posting was so so long ago. I was utterly busy and tied up doing a zillion things. But I have so much to share with you, now that I am back! We have now moved to Arizona and I have been finally able to register my business here. I am very excited about our move. It means that we get to live in our own home, which we have been working on for the past year. Little by little, we furnished it, everytime we came visiting from San Juan. After our move this time, we painted it.... keeping in mind our 'eclectic' (At least I like to think it is eclectic. LOL!) taste and varied interests. We also got our carpet changed after the builder-installed basic carpet had nails poking at us! We bought a real TV :) (our previous one was a darling Magnavox that we bought for 50 bucks 4 years ago.) And right now, we are having our landscaping installed.
I also attended a film festival and watched tons of movies that I had been wanting to watch for the longest time. (Movies are my stress busters :) )
Flower-wise, I made a couple of trips to Betty in Atlanta, who taught me some CIII projects. Then I had a lot of wedding orders to work on. I had to stop taking orders for a while when our move to Arizona finalized. But here are some photos from my latest wedding project:
Blush pink anemones and ivory peonies, along with antique green hydrangea for the bridal bouquet.
Ivory rose buds and hydrangea for the bouts.

The final finished bouquet :).
Because of my self-imposed exile, I had time to work on some flowers that I had been wanting to perfect. I shall post some photos soon. I hope you'll like them.

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Som's Studio said...

Welcome back Debashri! Here's looking forward to more of your gorgeous flowers!!