My CIII Course

I hope you have noticed that I have been away for some time :). Well, I was away doing an advanced course in ... clay flowers :). I was working on projects of the C-III curriculum of the DECO Clay Craft Academy, in Atlanta, GA with my friend and fellow instructor Betty Phillips. Not just did Betty teach me the course very patiently, she also - very graciously - allowed me to stay with her, in her very beautiful home :). I had a lot of fun working on the projects and also hanging around with Betty and her wonderful husband.
The new projects are a lot more complex that anything else we had learnt so far. I loved the challenge of it!
Let me know how you like these flowers :).
I shall get back to work now. I am making new arrangements everyday. As soon as I am able to take some pictures, I shall post them for you to enjoy.


Tina said...

Just BREATHTAKING as usual. I simply adore your work :o)dystorp

Whimsical Creations said...

They are all so beautiful! Wish someone taught a class here. =D

Som's Studio said...

Deb, these are spectaculr! What flowers are these?