Blog's New Look and New Listings on ETSY


I had been thinking about writing to you about the new look of my blog. But I got caught up in everyday work and also the flowers that I need to finish before I leave for my vacation. I am sure , by now, most of you have seen the new look .... so how do you like it? Good, Bad, Ugly?

Today, I listed two new items on ETSY (its been some time since I did that!). Both have Dahlias in them...

This one has one dark pink, one light pink and one white dahlia, with some lilac in it. The one pictured below has one light pink dahlia and two ranunculus flowers, with a few tuberoses.

Yes, both are predominantly pink and both have Dahlias, but they are different in their own way. I had been thinking of making these flowers for a long time. But, both of them need a lot of petals. I had so many wedding orders on my hands already... and didn't find time for these darling flowers for a long time :). Now that I am not taking last minute orders before I leave for my vacation, I found some time to work on these. I hope you like them.
I am also working on a custom order, of a very different kind :). One for my mom.... :) (Of course I am not charging her for it... LOL!) She wants a lot of bright colored flowers from me :) ... hopefully I can come up with something really wonderful for her! :)
See ya soon.... Will be back soon with more real wedding photos... :).


Whimsical Creations said...

Those are beautiful & I love the new look! =D melanie

Maril├╣ said...

Your flowers are very beautiful!